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Log Cabins & Garden Rooms

Log Cabins & Garden Rooms

Whether you need additional space or aim to enhance your property with a functional asset, garden offices and cabin offices present a wealth of benefits. Smaller designs serve as perfect studios for enthusiasts or as insulated garden offices, offering a serene and secluded workspace separate from the primary residence. On the other hand, larger structures can comfortably house a family member or transform into an annexe for rental purposes, complete with a cosy living area, kitchen, bedroom, and shower room, all set for occupancy.

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  1. Dutch Barn Log Cabin

    Dutch Cottage

    Ridge Height: 2.53 m - 3.05m
    Eaves Height: 1.95 m
    Depth: 1.80 - 4.30 m
    Width: 2.30 - 4.30 m
    Wall Thickness: 30mm tongue and groove
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  2. Haydock


    Ridge Height: 2.28 m
    Eaves Height: 1.95 m
    Depth: 2.7 m
    Width: 2.3 m
    Wall Thickness: 30mm tongue and groove
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  3. Kempton T23

    Kempton T23

    Ridge Height: 2.40 m
    Eaves Height: 1.95 m
    Depth: 2.7 m
    Width: 3.0 m
    Wall Thickness: 30mm tongue and groove
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  4. Cheap Log Cabin


    Ridge Height: 2.45m
    Eaves Height: 2.01m
    Depth: 3.0 m
    Width: 3.0 m
    Wall Thickness: 28mm tongue and groove
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  5. Cheap Log Cabin Scotland Free Delivery


    Ridge Height: 2.45m
    Eaves Height: 2.01m
    Depth: 2.40 - 3.00 m
    Width: 3.0 m
    Wall Thickness: 28mm tongue and groove
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  6. Roma


    Ridge Height: 2.50m
    Eaves Height: 2.00m
    Depth: 3.00 - 4.00 m
    Width: 3.0 m
    Wall Thickness: 30mm tongue and groove
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  7. Nesse Plus

    Nesse Plus

    Ridge Height: 2.27 m
    Eaves Height: 1.95m
    Depth: 2.80 - 3.80 m
    Width: 3.8 m
    Wall Thickness: 30mm tongue and groove
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  8. Hygge Hut

    Finman Hygge Hut 9m²

    Ridge Height: 3.19 m
    Eaves Height: 1.20 m
    Depth: 3.03 m
    Width: 3.50 m
    Wall Thickness: 45mm tongue and groove
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  9. buy log cabin


    Ridge Height: 2.36 m
    Eaves Height: 2.30 m
    Depth: 3.0 m
    Width: 4.0 m
    Wall Thickness: 45mm double tongue and groove
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  10. Goodwood T12 Workshop

    Goodwood T12 Workshop

    Ridge Height: 2.23m
    Eaves Height: 1.95m
    Depth: 3.1 m
    Width: 4.2 m
    Wall Thickness: 45mm double tongue and groove
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  11. Finman Hygge Hut

    Finman Hygge Hut 11m²

    Ridge Height: 3.27 m
    Eaves Height: 1.20 m
    Depth: 3.47 m
    Width: 4.01 m
    Wall Thickness: 45mm double tongue and groove
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  12. Tornio


    Ridge Height: 2.53 m
    Eaves Height: 2.08 m
    Depth: 3.00 - 5.00 m
    Width: 3.00 - 5.00 m
    Wall Thickness: 45mm double tongue and groove
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  13. Corner Log Cabin

    Corner Log Cabin

    Ridge Height: 2.80m width - 2.73m / 3.40m & 3.60m width - 2.86m
    Eaves Height: 2.80m width - 2.01m / 3.40m & 3.60m width - 2.14m
    Depth: 2.80 - 3.60 m
    Width: 2.80 - 3.60 m
    Wall Thickness: 45mm double tongue and groove
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  14. Nida Panorama Modern Cabin

    Nida Panorama Modern Cabin

    Ridge Height: 2.50 m
    Eaves Height: 2.31 m
    Depth: 3.00 - 5.00 m
    Width: 3.50 - 5.00 m
    Wall Thickness: 45mm double tongue and groove
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  15. Bella


    Ridge Height: 2.40 m
    Eaves Height: 1.95 m
    Depth: 2.30 - 5.30 m
    Width: 3.80 - 5.30 m
    Wall Thickness: 45mm double tongue and groove
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  16. traditional Log Cabin

    Nida Panorama Log Cabin

    Ridge Height: 2.42m
    Eaves Height: 2.08m
    Depth: 3.00 - 5.00 m
    Width: 3.50 - 5.00 m
    Wall Thickness: 45mm double tongue and groove
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  17. Insulated Office

    Lomond Insulated Office

    Ridge Height: 2.45 m
    Eaves Height: 2.18 m
    Depth: 1.80 - 4.50 m
    Width: 3.00 - 4.50 m
    Wall Thickness: 20mm T&G + 50mm insulation + 20mm T&G
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  18. Clockhouse


    Ridge Height: 3.31 m
    Eaves Height: 2.21 m
    Depth: 5.00 - 5.70 m
    Width: 3.00 - 5.00 m
    Wall Thickness: 45mm double tongue and groove
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  19. Ascot T24

    Ascot T24

    Ridge Height: 2.80 m
    Eaves Height: 1.95 m
    Depth: 4.00 m
    Width: 6.50 m
    Wall Thickness: 45mm double tongue and groove
    View Now
  20. ASCOT T24 XL

    ASCOT T24 XL

    Ridge Height: 3.03m
    Eaves Height: 2.08m
    Depth: 7.0 m
    Width: 6.50 m
    Wall Thickness: 45mm double tongue and groove
    View Now

From the sturdy yet simple to the sophisticated and ornate, garden cabins and bespoke log cabins offer aesthetic appeal and functional versatility. Tailored to meet specific requirements or intended uses, these structures come in various sizes, styles, and hues to complement any garden office setting.

Premium log cabins and multi-room garden rooms elevate the concept of luxury living spaces, ideal for families on vacation or visiting guests. These insulated log cabins are crafted from top-tier materials, featuring advanced glazing and locking mechanisms for enhanced insulation and security. We meticulously select premium woods such as Northern Spruce and employ Bitumen for durable roofing shingles.

Our accommodation solutions are also equipped with pre-wiring for electrical outlets and lighting and can integrate renewable energy technology, including solar panels, to promote sustainability and efficiency.

For those exploring options for a garden log cabin or timber building specialists, Logspan is the UK's authority on high-quality timber constructions. We offer an extensive selection tailored to your property's unique needs. Contact us today to discover the ideal log cabin that meets your requirements.

Logspan specialises in providing insulated garden offices and cabin offices that come ready with electrical wiring for lights and sockets and can be painted to your preference. Our fully customisable office cabins are designed to fit your specific needs, with the option to add extra features like additional windows or double doors to ensure your workspace is both functional and inviting.

Investing in premium log cabins and garden cabins from Logspan opens the door to numerous advantages, including enhanced property value, versatile living spaces, and the sheer pleasure of owning a beautifully crafted timber structure.


Log cabins and garden cabins, epitomes of green living, offer a unique way to reconnect with nature, unlike the usual home or temporary stays like hotels. Surrounded by the lush greenery of forests or gardens, these cabins provide a serene space to switch off, destress, and bask in a refreshing change of scenery.


Adding a cabin at the end of your garden or elsewhere on your land can significantly enhance your property value, sometimes by several thousand pounds. Studies indicate that a garden or log cabin can boost your property's sales price by 5-15%.

It's essential to recognise that the increase in property value from adding a cabin can vary based on factors like the cabin's type, quality, size, and location on your property and in the surrounding area.


Garden and log cabins offer more than just a connection with nature; they serve as a peaceful retreat for you and your guests, providing a tranquil space just seconds away from your primary residence.

Cabins, typically situated away from your main house and farther from roads, offer an oasis of calm with fewer electronic devices to elevate noise levels. While you might still enjoy the natural symphony of birds singing and leaves rustling, these cabins are a sanctuary from the everyday hustle.


Consider transforming your garden cabin into a garden office or cabin office, which is an ideal homeworking option. Working from home at least once a week becomes the norm, so a dedicated office cabin can help you avoid distractions and foster a productive environment.

Our garden or log cabins can be seamlessly converted into cosy garden offices or cabin offices, complete with a desk, comfortable seating, climate control, and Wi-Fi connectivity. If you're struggling with productivity at home, a well-equipped cabin office could be your perfect solution.


Occupying your cabin with just a partner or alone, you can experience a noticeable decrease in energy bills. Instead of an entire residence, the focused climate control in your cabin can lead to substantial savings on your electricity or gas expenses.


Most importantly, our clients often express their appreciation for the simple life that a garden cabin or log cabin facilitates. The option to disconnect from the daily hustle whenever desired, to reconnect with nature, and to savour the pure, fresh air is an invaluable experience.

An increasing number of individuals are embracing the benefits of a digital detox, powering down their gadgets, and stepping away from their monotonous daily schedules. With a personal cabin nestled in the woods or situated at the edge of your garden, there's no need to reserve an expensive retreat or spa visit. Stroll to your cabin for a restorative escape from the norm.


Discover the finest log cabins for sale at Logspan, your destination for premium garden purchases.

Boasting the UK's most extensive timber building show site, Logspan is your go-to timber building specialist. Expect top-tier cabins from our family-run enterprise, glean insights from professionals with over two decades of expertise, and benefit from our custom service designed to meet your unique requirements.

When the search for the ideal log cabin for sale becomes urgent, turn to Logspan. Forget the frantic queries for 'log cabins near me'—we provide delivery across the UK, whether you're looking for log cabins Scotland, log cabins England, log cabins Wales, or log cabins Ireland. Plus, each cabin can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

P.S. We also feature a map highlighting the best spots for log cabin holidays and breaks across the UK!

Why is a Log Cabin or Garden Room better than a House Extension?

A timber log cabin or garden room can be more advantageous than a traditional house extension for many reasons.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: When expanding your living space, timber log cabins and garden rooms are cost-effective solutions. They are often more affordable than the materials and labour costs associated with constructing a traditional house extension, offering a budget-friendly alternative.
  • Time-Saving: Log cabins and garden rooms can be constructed in less time than traditional house extensions. These structures are frequently prefabricated, allowing for rapid on-site assembly and less interference with daily routine.
  • Minimal Planning Requirements: Log cabins and garden rooms often enjoy minimal planning requirements. If specific conditions are met, they can fit within permitted development rights without the need for planning permission. This streamlined process starkly contrasts the often lengthy approval needed for traditional house extensions.
  • Flexibility and Versatility: Timber log cabins and garden rooms' inherent flexibility and versatility make them an excellent choice for a range of uses, including home offices, studios, gyms, or guest houses. Their customisable nature allows them to cater to your unique requirements and stylistic desires.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The natural charm of timber offers an aesthetic appeal that harmonises with outdoor spaces, enhancing your property's visual allure and comfort. A log cabin or garden room serves as a picturesque addition that can elevate the ambience of your garden.
  • Environmental Benefits: Choosing timber for your construction projects brings significant environmental benefits. As a renewable resource, timber has a reduced carbon footprint compared to conventional building materials and contributes to energy efficiency through its insulating properties, which can lead to lower heating costs.
  • An independent space such as a log cabin or garden room offers a secluded area separate from the main house. It is ideal for activities needing privacy or intense focus, away from the hustle and bustle of the main living quarters.
  • Adding a well-designed and meticulously constructed log cabin or garden room can infuse added value into your property by expanding the usable living space and enhancing its attractiveness to prospective buyers.

Given these advantages, a timber log cabin or garden room could be a superior choice to a traditional house extension, especially for those in pursuit of a functional, visually appealing, and potentially eco-friendly option. 

What can you use a Log Cabin for?

The versatility and aesthetic appeal of log cabins and garden rooms are among the critical reasons for their rising popularity, not to mention the extra space they afford. These structures can be adapted for a multitude of uses and functions:

  • Home Offices: With the uptake in remote work, a garden office or cabin office provides a tranquil shed office cabin setting, ensuring a distraction-free zone distinct from the main household's activities.
  • Guest Accommodations: These structures can also serve as guest accommodations, offering cosy and private spaces for friends and family to stay during their visits.
  • Art Studios or Creative Workspaces: For creative individuals, these spaces are perfect as an artist studio, where artists or hobbyists can immerse themselves in their work without disturbances.
  • Fitness or Yoga Studios: Transforming a garden room into a personal gym offers a dedicated space for fitness enthusiasts to work out in their own homes. The space can also be styled as a vibrant dance studio or a tranquil area for yoga and meditation practices.
  • Entertainment Rooms: These versatile cabins can be designed as the ultimate entertainment room, complete with pool tables, state-of-the-art video game setups, chic bars, or immersive home theatres for the ultimate leisure experience.
  • Children's Playrooms: Creating a children's play area in a garden room provides a safe and joyful space for kids to play, keeping their toys and the inevitable noise separate from the tranquillity of the main house.
  • Gardening and Greenhouses: These rooms can be transformed into lush greenhouses or well-organised gardening sheds for gardening enthusiasts, offering a sheltered haven to cultivate plants away from the unpredictable weather.
  • Workshops: A garden room or cabin can also serve as functional workshops for DIY enthusiasts, woodworkers, or crafters, providing a spacious and equipped workspace for all creative projects.
  • Glamping and Rental Accommodation: As your text suggests, these structures can be luxuriously outfitted as glamping pods, delivering a glamorous camping experience for tourists or serving as unique rental accommodations.
  • Educational Spaces: Educational spaces can also be established as private tutoring rooms or serene libraries, crafting a peaceful environment ideal for learning, studying, or immersing oneself in literature.
  • Therapy Rooms: For wellness practitioners, setting up a dedicated therapy room in these spaces can be excellent for offering massages, counselling, or other wellness services, creating a serene environment for clients.
  • Music Rooms: For musicians, a soundproofed cabin transforms into an ideal music practice space where one can practice, compose, and record music without the worry of disturbing others.
  • Hobby Rooms: A log cabin or garden room serves as the perfect hobby space for activities that require ample room or tend to be messy, such as model building, painting, or sewing. It provides a dedicated area to unleash creativity.
  • Teenage Dens: These cabins can become the ultimate teenager hangout space, offering teens independence while ensuring they remain within the safe confines of home.
  • Poolside Cabanas: Adjacent to a pool, a cabin can elegantly function as a pool house, offering a convenient spot for changing, unwinding, or hosting lively poolside gatherings.
  • Golf Simulators: Investing in a golf sim log cabin means no longer packing away your equipment after each session, providing a dedicated space to perfect your swing at your leisure.
  • Other options include bike sheds, bin store, garden storage, garden bars, playhouses, storage sheds for garden furniture or outdoor toys, home gym, summer houses, bike store, dog kennels, garages, summerhouses, garden sheds, and an Al-fresco cabin for outdoor dining sets.

Log cabins and garden rooms are versatile, adapting to many uses that cater to an owner's needs and imagination. They can significantly elevate a property's appeal, offering financial value and enriching lifestyle enhancement.

Why should I buy my garden room from Logspan?

Investing in a garden room from Logspan introduces many advantages, positioning it as an attractive option for those searching for a versatile outdoor structure. Here are several compelling reasons to consider purchasing a garden room from Logspan:

  • Quality Materials: Logspan garden rooms are constructed using high-quality timber, guaranteeing longevity and durability. The meticulously engineered layered walls and roof create a sturdy build that endures over time.
  • Bespoke Design: Logspan offers customers the opportunity to opt for bespoke designs, allowing them to customise their garden room to align with individual needs and tastes, be it as a home office, a space for hobbies, or an extra living area.
  • Insulation and Glazing: Featuring full insulation and double-glazing, Logspan garden rooms ensure a cosy and comfortable atmosphere that remains impervious to weather and optimises energy efficiency all year round.
  • Building Control Compliance: For those considering their garden room as a permanent living solution, Logspan meticulously ensures that their structures can comply with Building Control Compliance standards, addressing crucial aspects such as health, safety, energy conservation, and security.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Logspan presents various pricing options, offering affordable alternatives to expansive, custom-built garden rooms while maintaining a high standard of quality and functionality.
  • Nationwide Service: With nationwide delivery and build services, Logspan makes it effortless for customers throughout the UK to access and enjoy their high-quality garden room products.
  • Expert Advice: The team at Logspan can provide specialist advice and guidance on all facets of outdoor structures, ensuring that customers are well-informed in their decision-making
  • process.
    After-Sales Support: Logspan's dedication to customer service doesn't stop after the sale. They offer ongoing support for any questions or concerns that may arise.
  • Show Site: Potential buyers are invited to visit the Glasgow show site to explore Scotland's most extensive range of timber buildings, experience the quality first-hand, and discuss their needs with experts.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: For those conscious of sustainability, Logspan emphasises environmentally friendly practices and products.

With the combination of functionality, style, and exceptional quality, Logspan establishes itself as a premier choice for those seeking to upgrade their outdoor areas with a functional, stylish, and high-quality garden room.

What Optional Extras can I get when buying my Log Cabin or Garden Cabin?

When purchasing a Logspan log cabin, customers can customise their cabin with various optional extras to enhance functionality, comfort, and aesthetics. Here are some of the optional extras available:

  • Extra windows - to increase natural light and enhance the views from the garden building.
  • Door options include solid wood, full glass, or half glass doors to suit style preferences and practical needs. If you need better views of your garden from your cabin office or want to secure it, you will need different amounts of glass.
  • Astragals/window crosses are used for added decoration and traditional window styling. Do you want a modern garden building or a traditional garden building?
  • Wiring for lights and sockets - to ensure electrical supply for lighting and appliances, making the cabin home more liveable and functional.
  • Solar Panels and batteries - for an off-grid solution, providing renewable energy to power the outdoor office.
  • 1.50m Terrace with handrail: extend the living space of your insulated log cabin outdoors and create an area for relaxation and entertainment.
  • Timber Base Work—This includes a pressure-treated base frame supported by recycled plastic posts, which is environmentally friendly and ensures airflow and stability. It also makes your outside office level and keeps air getting to the underneath, keeping it dry.
  • Floor Insulation: Rigid foam insulation prevents cold air from rising and helps regulate the temperature. This is just what you need in an insulated garden room to keep your feet warm.
  • Insulated Roof: This roof features rigid foam insulation between roofing beams for better temperature control. It is great for an insulated garden office.
  • Build Service - for customers who prefer professional assembly of their log cabin.
  • Bitumen Roofing Shingles are a durable and attractive roofing material available in multiple colours, with a 10-year guarantee.
  • A large Base Frame is the perfect option for uneven ground to ensure a level foundation for the cabin.

These extras allow you to tailor your garden building to specific requirements and preferences, ensuring you receive a product that fits your needs perfectly. If you require further assistance or more detailed information about these options, you can contact Logspan directly.

What are the pricing and financing of Logspan's garden cabins?

  • Pricing: The specific pricing for our insulated garden rooms, office sheds, or garden outhouses can be found on the product page. 
    We offer a range of sizes and customisation options. Log thickness, glazing options (single or double-glazed), and cabin size (from 2m x 2m to 6.5m x 6.5m and above) can all influence the final cost. Visit our Glasgow show site to view the largest and most diverse range of Timber Buildings in the UK.
  • Financing: Logspan provides its customers with both personal and commercial finance options, making it more accessible to purchase their dream cabin or set up a glamping pod business.
    We are an authorised and regulated entity by the Financial Conduct Authority, acting as a broker, not a lender. We offer Mitsubishi HC Capital UK PLC credit products trading as Novuna Finance. Credit is provided subject to affordability, age, and status; a minimum spend requirement applies.

Why visit Logspan's Show site village?

Visiting the Logspan Glasgow show site offers several benefits for individuals and businesses interested in timber structures such as log cabins, BBQ huts, garden offices, and glamping pods:

  • Wide Range of Products: The Glasgow show site boasts the most extensive range of Timber Buildings in Scotland, providing a comprehensive look at the variety of products available.
  • Real-Life Experience: Seeing and walking through the timber structures physically allows for a better understanding of each building's space, quality, and craftsmanship.
  • Personalised Advice: Visitors can receive expert advice and support from the experienced Logspan team, who can answer questions and provide recommendations tailored to specific needs.
  • Inspiration for Customization: The diverse array of styles on display can inspire visitors to envision how they can customise their timber building to align with their preferences or branding.
  • Immediate Delivery Options: For quick solutions, the show site has a limited stock of cabins available for immediate delivery.
  • Special Offers: Visitors to the show site can learn about exclusive offers, discounts, and finance options that might take longer to communicate online.
  • Live Demonstrations: Depending on the timing of the visit, there might be live demonstrations of products or new features that can give a deeper insight into the potential of each structure.
  • Experience the Atmosphere: There's no substitute for feeling the ambience of a well-crafted timber building, which can be crucial for businesses in the hospitality sector, like glamping, to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of their future guests.
  • Direct Purchase and Bookings: If a visitor decides to purchase, being on-site can streamline the process. Additionally, appointments for future services or builds can be scheduled in person.
  • Access to Full Range of Services: Learn about Logspan's full suite of services, from design and manufacturing to delivery and build services.

Remember, the Glasgow show site is open from 9 to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and the experienced team at Logspan is ready to provide a warm welcome and professional guidance to help you find the perfect timber building for your needs. So, if you live in the central belt of Scotland, there are log cabins for sale near me!