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Our product guarantee promise

Timber Buildings

We offer a structural guarantee of 7 years, and 2 years guarantee on all our doors & windows. This is providing the cabin has been correctly constructed and has preserved immediately after build and coated regularly thereafter.

Wood is a natural product and if correctly preserved your cabin will last a lifetime. So you can relax with peace of mind, and have confidence in us and our products.

BBQ GrillsGuarantee

  • Guarantee is valid for 2 years from the day of purchase (24 months) proved with receipt.
  • The receipt should be retained as a proof of purchase including the purchase place and date.
  • Guarantee covers manufacturing and material faults discovered during the guarantee period

Guarantee does not cover

Any damage caused by inappropriate or negligent use, insufficient care and other external factors. Transport and traveling costs or other indirect costs.


Logspan shall repair the product to the condition preceding the fault. Repairs under guarantee do not extend the time of guarantee.

Buyer has to inform the Logspan about the discovered fault(s) in a reasonable period of time counted from the moment the buyer discovered the fault or should have discovered it. 14 days is usually regarded as a reasonable period of time.

The present guarantee conditions do not limit the rights that the buyer has according to the consumer protection law concerning the fault of the product.

What our customers say

“It has been a great buy and I have put a bar in it so it’s more a social room. The construction team were great, built it fast and very professional. Absolutely delighted.” Paul Andrew (Glasgow) – Nida Panorama 4 x 4
"If anyone out there looking for a BBQ hut look no further than Logspan,the build quality is excellent and hut looks great,the staff are all very helpful and make buying a hut easy.On build day guys do a great job and within a few hours you are ready to go.Also if you need to ask something after the build you only have to phone and they will sort you out.So all in all this is best thing we have ever bought and we cannot thank everyone at Logspan enough." Maurice McMonagle – Finman BBQ Hut 11 Square Metre