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About Us


Logspan has been selling unique spaces for your garden for over 20 years.

Logspan is a family owned business selling quality timber products within the UK.  Established by John and Helen Newberry, my father and mother. They realised that there was no dedicated supplier of Log Cabins to the general public in Scotland.

John carved out a niche by supplying quality garden buildings direct from the suppler at great price, a practice that has stayed with us to this day.  I am now the second generation Newberry to lead Logspan and I look forward to continue my parents legacy for the next 30 years and bringing my children into the business in the future.

Austin Newberry - Director



We provide to whole of the UK with timber buildings to suit their individual needs and tastes.  This can range from anywhere between a shed and fully bespoke log cabin.  



1996 - Business began selling simple garden sheds
2000 - Sourced BBQ Huts from Finland and began importing them.
2001 - Started importing interlocking Log Cabins from Europe.
2002 - Approached by “TYLA” and a partnership was formed.
2002 March - Began importing Log Cabins produced by TYLA.
2006 - BBQ Hut concept was completely redesigned and improved and the “Finman” range was put into production.
2010 - Moved to new show site in Dumbarton, just outside Glasgow.
2014 - Finman range extended to sleeping pods and glamping.
2015 - Show site expanded to 40+ display Log Cabins and BBQ Huts and able to take the title of the largest display of timber buildings in Scotland.
2016 April - New office on Dumbarton site built by TYLA. 
2024 - Continuing to be a front runner in timber products throughout the UK.


Our products are easy on the eye and suit all tastes.
Products are easy to construct, or our expert build team can take the hassle of building away.
We are easy to work with and can accomodate any customer needs.
Excellent value for money and a great return on investment!







Names: John Newberry & Austin Newberry

Favourite tipple: Cider or G&T (Guess which is which)

Last holiday destination: Cumbria

Cats or dogs? Dogs (Cocker Spaniels, we have one each)

Something people may not know about me: Austin has ran/walked from Glasgow to Inverness


Logspan was started back in 1996 as a family business selling sheds and summer houses. As it became evident that people were wanting more substantial timber buildings, we slowly grew into the markets required to satisfy customer needs. From that point, we grew into the largest independent seller of garden buildings in Scotland. We now supply the glamping and hospitality sector throughout the UK. 


John Newberry’s background is entrepreneurial. He’s always ran his own businesses and all those that know him acknowledgeboth his great business sense and his ability chat to anyone.Austin Newberry came into the business ten years ago after working in education and industry, and took over as Managing Director from John in 2019, when John retired because of the health of his wife.


We are always looking for niches where the customer is needing something and is not being supplied. Whether that is the unique Finman glamping range, or the modular tiny houses, the prefabricated modular tiny houses from cabin length. We want to supply quality products at an affordable price that allows our customers businesses to grow, assisting them in their lifestyle or business. 


For example, the glamping industry is looking towards unique and different structures as holidaymakers are becoming particular as to what they're renting. The industry is saturated with similar types of structures, and as the homeowners come into the short let market through Airbnb and There is a requirement to make sure that you can stand out from the crowd, whether that's with a unique building or an additional offering, for example a Hot Tub, or BBQ Hut, or Sauna. There is a requirement to offer something more, over and above just accommodation nowadays. 


We are proud of being able to supply these products, and to work with our customers. We’ve built relationships with customers over many years, and they continue to come back and purchase additional items from us as we support their growth. We’re always looking for something a little bit different, that helps our customers diversify their offering.. 


We’ve got a few things we’re working on just now, importing high-quality Saunas from Europe, as well as unique Shepard Huts, which we’re really excited to launch Summer 2024. 


Logspan will always be a family business, and with the forecasted growth of the glamping industry, there is potential for us to continue growing in our niche, and expanding our offering throughout the UK. We look forward to supporting the local and wider economies for many years to come, providing a quality service that works within our company values of integrity, teamwork, service, and quality.