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Spanner Bespoke designs & custom build service

Bespoke Log Cabins and Custom Made Log Cabins

Our Lodges offer a wide choice of styles suitable for residential, alternative accommodation, or holiday homes. Wall construction can be single wall 60mm, 95mm, or double-wall with insulation.

Independent walls

Wood is a living product and will expand in the winter and contract during the winter. Our double walls are independent of each other allowing both the outer and inner wall to move by different amounts.

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Holiday House

A Log Cabin Lodge is a great place to relax with the family, or by yourself. A great Chalet for festive fun or the summer months.

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Design your Log Cabin

Design and build on a location of your choice, and cheaper than you can buy a building. It is also possible for you to build your own home, manage the project from start to finish and get the house that you want. This is truly a DIY constructed house.

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Off the grid living

You can get freedom from the daily grind by living off the grid. Solar panels and a wind turbine to provide electricity, a wood-burning stove for heat and cooking, and water from a stream or well. You can live off the land in a Logspan timber Chalet and get back to nature.

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All our wood comes from managed forests and is sustainably grown. So carbon-zero living is possible in an eco-friendly constructed timber building.

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Hidden wires

No need to have wires or cables showing, we can drill logs to carry wiring for lights and other utilities.

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