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Bespoke Log Cabins

Log cabins can now be customised to suit individual needs and tastes.  These bespoke log cabins are ideal for several reasons including creating additional space, providing accommodation, presenting a picturesque garden feature, or establishing a new space for activities and hobbies.

Crafted from carefully selected materials and featuring expert designs, our log cabins are designed for longevity and offer an excellent return on investment.  A versatile addition to any premises, log cabins are multifunctional structures that offer the owner a diverse range of benefits.  Cutting-edge cabins are designed for use all-year round and include useful features to create comfortable environments for users.

What are the benefits of log cabins?

As households expand, available space can become an issue. When you love your location, having to uproot to access more room can be an unwanted option. However, the hassle of moving and finding a new home can be avoided when you use more of the property you own, and log cabins can be a solution. Whether you use the cabin to free up space inside the main house or employ it to sleep guests or for a remote office is up to you.

Unlike building projects such as adding an extension, log cabins are swift and stress-free to install on site. Teams of builders are not typically required as kits are designed for self-assembly by two-able-bodied people, with everything you need (save for tools) included. For larger cabins, you may require a forklift and professional assistance, but support is available during your build from our cabin experts.

What size are log cabins?

Bespoke log cabins are available in an extensive selection of shapes and sizes. With an understanding that the square footage available for an outbuilding can vary greatly from buyer to buyer, a wide variety of log cabins have been designed to meet space limitations.

Small log cabins that are easy to accommodate come in a wide range of styles, while larger cabins that feature more than one room are outstanding when you have more space at your disposal. For those who need more room but have fewer square feet to establish a structure, two-storey cabins are also available, though these may be subject to more stringer planning permission regulations.

Inside, cabin designs are streamlined to optimise available space. As a result, regardless of the design chosen, cabin owners can be assured of an enclosed living or activity area which feels comfortable and spacious.

What materials are log cabins made from?

Log cabins are made from sustainable timber sourced from forests of slow growing spruce. Cabins are designed with thick tongue and groove boards for easy assembly and excellent insulation. Durable foam and rubber are typically used for insulation. High quality fixtures and fittings are included, along with premium glazing for windows and doors.

What features can log cabins include?

Cabins have come along way over the years, allowing owners to enjoy a wide range of useful features in their modular timber buildings. Cabins are wired so user can access lighting and power sockets and can even include renewable energy technology like solar panels. Roof and floor insulation are also included to keep cabins at the optimum temperature in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Who is using bespoke log cabins?

A wide range of residents, companies and institutions are using log cabins today.  For example, nurseries, schools and colleges find them a fast and effective way to create multi-use learning spaces to hold classes on campus as the number of students they serve increase.  Start-up businesses in the hospitality sector also find them an affordable option to house more guests on their holidays, with each cabin becoming a new glamping hut for their site.

As for homeowners, bespoke cabins can be used for a wealth of possibilities.  From home gyms and offices to hobby rooms, cabins can offer a private space away from your main home to work, relax or exercise, but they can also provide space to sleep visiting relatives and friends. Featuring appealing designs, cabins can also be an appealing but useful garden feature whether you keep your tools inside or shelter your outdoor furniture over winter.

Are you interested in a log cabin tailored to your needs?

If you are looking for the perfect bespoke log cabin for your property, at Logspan, we can help.  We have the largest show site for timber buildings in Britain and have been supplying first class cabins for over 20 years.

A family-run firm, we understand that every customer has their own personal needs to meet.  As a result, we have developed an utterly bespoke service run by an attentive team of professionals. Whether you are a business or home owner, reach out to us today to explore our impressive range of log cabins to find a match for any application.


Bespoke Log Cabin with Easy Access RampBespoke Log Cabin with Easy Access Ramp
Inside of a Log CabinInside of a Log Cabin
Bespoke Log CabinBespoke Log Cabin
Custom Log Cabin created by LogspanCustom Log Cabin created by Logspan