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About Us

This is a privacy policy for Logspan Ltd. Our homepage on the Web is located at http://www.logspan.com. The full text of our privacy policy is available on the web at http://www.logspan.com/privacy-policy-a3. Users may go to for information on how to opt-in or opt-out of use of their information.

We invite you to contact us if you have questions about this policy. You may contact us by mail at the following address:

  • Logspan Ltd
  • Milton Brae Road
  • Milton
  • Dumbarton
  • Glasgow
  • G82 2TX

You may contact us by e-mail at info@logspan.com. You may call us at 01389 734572.

Dispute Resolution and Privacy Seals

We have the following privacy seals and/or dispute resolution mechanisms. If you think we have not followed our privacy policy in some way, they can help you resolve your concern.

Customer Service: Call us on 01389 734572

Additional Information

This policy is valid for 1 day from the time that it is loaded by a client.

Data Collection

P3P policies declare the data they collect in groups (also referred to as "statements"). This policy contains 2 data groups. The data practices of each group will be explained separately.

Group "Basic information"

We collect the following information:

  • Click-stream data
  • HTTP protocol elements
  • Search terms
  • This data will be used for the following purposes:
  • Completion and support of the current activity.
  • Web site and system administration.
  • Research and development.
  • This data will be used by ourselves and our agents.

The following explanation is provided for why this data is collected:

Data collected from all Web users: access logs, and search strings (if entered).

Group "Cookies"

At the user's option, we will collect the following data:

HTTP cookies

This data will be used for the following purposes:

Research and development.

One-time tailoring.

This data will be used by ourselves and our agents.

The following explanation is provided for why this data is collected:

Cookies are used to track visitors to our site, so we can better understand what portions of our site best serve you.


Cookies are a technology which can be used to provide you with tailored information from a Web site. A cookie is an element of data that a Web site can send to your browser, which may then store it on your system. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, giving you the chance to decide whether to accept it.

Our site makes use of cookies. Cookies are used for the following purposes:

User targeting

Research and development

Compact Policy Summary

The compact policy which corresponds to this policy is:


The following table explains the meaning of each field in the compact policy.

  • CP= This is the compact policy header; it indicates that what follows is a P3P compact policy.
  • NOI No identifiable information is collected, so no access is possible.
  • CURa The data is used for completion of the current activity.
  • ADMa The data is used for site administration.
  • DEVa The data is used for research and development.
  • TAIa The data is used for tailoring the site.
  • OUR The data is given to ourselves and our agents.
  • BUS Our business practices specify how long the data will be kept.
  • IND The data will be kept indefinitely.
  • UNI Unique identifiers are collected.
  • COM Computer information is collected.
  • NAV Navigation and clickstream data is collected.
  • INT Interactive data is collected.

The compact policy is sent by the Web server along with the cookies it describes. For more information, see the P3P deployment guide at http://www.w3.org/TR/p3pdeployment.

Policy Evaluation

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 will evaluate this policy's compact policy whenever it is used with a cookie. The actions IE will take depend on what privacy level the user has selected in their browser (Low, Medium, Medium High, or High; the default is Medium. In addition, IE will examine whether the cookie's policy is considered satisfactory or unsatisfactory, whether the cookie is a session cookie or a persistent cookie, and whether the cookie is used in a first-party or third-party context.

What our customers say

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