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Garden Offices

Garden Offices
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  1. Tornio


    Ridge Height: 2.53 m
    Eaves Height: 2.08 m
    Depth: 3.00 - 5.00 m
    Width: 3.00 - 5.00 m
    Wall Thickness: 45mm double tongue and groove
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  2. Nida Panorama Modern Cabin

    Nida Panorama Modern Cabin

    Ridge Height: 2.50 m
    Eaves Height: 2.31 m
    Depth: 3.00 - 5.00 m
    Width: 3.50 - 5.00 m
    Wall Thickness: 45mm double tongue and groove
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  3. traditional Log Cabin

    Nida Panorama Log Cabin

    Ridge Height: 2.42m
    Eaves Height: 2.08m
    Depth: 3.00 - 5.00 m
    Width: 3.50 - 5.00 m
    Wall Thickness: 45mm double tongue and groove
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  4. Insulated Office

    Lomond Insulated Office

    Ridge Height: 2.45 m
    Eaves Height: 2.18 m
    Depth: 1.80 - 4.50 m
    Width: 3.00 - 4.50 m
    Wall Thickness: 20mm T&G + 50mm insulation + 20mm T&G
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  5. Glamping Pod

    Modular Room M-10

    Ridge Height: 2.97 m
    Eaves Height: 2.14 m / 1.75 m
    Depth: 2.4 m
    Width: 4.3 m
    Wall Thickness: Cladding + 100mm insulation + 12mm T&G
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  6. Modular Room M-14

    Modular Room M-14

    Ridge Height: 2.97 m
    Eaves Height: 2.14 m / 1.75 m
    Depth: 3.5 m
    Width: 4.3 m
    Wall Thickness: Cladding + 100mm insulation + 12mm T&G
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Garden Office

You might have recently started performing your job remotely for some of the week, or have launched a new start-up business, but regardless, finding the perfect place to work is crucial.

Many professional people find trying to focus amidst the hustle and bustle of family life impossible, but can’t always afford the cost of renting office space. Fortunately, a garden office cabin can provide a suitable solution.

An inexpensive alternative to paying for a remote office that also gets you out of the main house, a log cabin office has much to offer. Within easy reach of your home and bathroom and kitchen facilities, a garden office pod allows you to swiftly set up a base of operations nearby that provides the peace and privacy you need, complete with access.

Benefits of a home cabin office

Having a garden office makes for a quick commute, saving you time and money. It also supplies you with enhanced flexibility on how you work. Easily accessible at any hour of the day just a few steps from your home, you can choose a work routine that matches your personal preferences.

Office cabins don’t come with the same overheads as renting office space. Not only can you sidestep monthly rental costs, but you can also use your home internet and electricity if you wish. Instead of operating in your spare room or in a communal area of your home, you’ll find a garden office lets you concentrate away from your busy household, and offers privacy for business conversations via video conference calls, over the phone or in person.

Finding the correct cabin for your office needs

A wide range of sizes and styles are available to choose from when you opt to purchase a garden office cabin. However, it’s also possible to order a custom-built office for your garden with specific measurements to suit your premises and work type.

Single and multiroom offices are possible, with work areas in various dimensions that suit your space requirements for the role you perform. Timber offices can feature extensive glazing that allows an abundance of daylight in, and allows you to see the natural world while you work.

Garden office features and facilities

If your outdoor office contains expensive technology and private documents, log cabins can supply a safe and secure work environment.

Cabin windows and doors are always lockable, and you can choose to fit an alarm system if more advanced security is required. All doors and windows can also be sealed with draught-proof measures and materials.

Offices are insulated for warmth and comfort, and are compatible with a variety of heating solutions, from plug-in space heaters to underfloor heating solutions. Cabins can come pre-wired for electrical outlets and lighting, ensuring you can use your garden office all year round.

Electrics packs often include recessed spotlights and work with wall cavities that allow users to position plugs wherever they like, without needing to run cables everywhere.

Many users of garden office cabins add underfloor heating systems, and set up hard-wired internet connectivity and electricity, during cabin installation for convenience.

A qualified electrical engineer is required to connect garden offices to your home’s power supply. In terms of accessing the internet, you may find that when offices are located near to the main house and Wi-Fi signal strength is strong, a hard-wired connection via an ethernet cable is unnecessary.

What are garden office cabins made from?

Our cabins are made with sustainable close grain Northern Spruce, which offers enhanced natural insulation and many years of use.

Cabins also feature tongue and grove construction and thicker “wind block” joints. Standard cabin bases are treated to protect them from moisture and temperature changes, but styles featuring steps and elevation are also available.

High-quality double glazing is used for windows and doors of cabins with a tilt and turn operation. Doors also feature robust double-action euro-cylinder locking devices for enhanced security.

Are you ready to start working comfortably from home with a garden office?

Whether you’re performing your role remotely as a hybrid worker or have started running a business from home, you’ll find the perfect garden office with us.

With over two decades of experience supplying timber buildings across the UK, our family-run operation takes pride in providing high-quality solutions to create enclosed outdoor spaces for every need. Our bespoke service allows us to ensure your home office will tick every box for your professional needs, so reach out to our team today at Logspan to order.