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Katie from Complete Finance answers your Frequently Asked Quesions about leasing

1. What is Asset Finance?

Both Lease & Hire Purchase are methods of business finance allowing you to spread the cost of investment in new assets, such as Glamping Pods. Standard Terms span from 1 to 5 years with repayments fixed for the duration and made on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on what suits you best, with ownership available at the end of term.

2. Who uses Asset Finance?

Leasing is a method of business finance that allows you to spread the cost of investment in new equipment. The term is usually between 1 and 5 years and repayments are made on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on what suits you best.

3. Can I lease if my business is new or not yet started to trade?

Yes! CLS have developed bespoke start-up funding packages especially for business finance. Through our specialist funder network and Own Book facility, we’ve got everything covered.

4. How do I know if Asset Finance is suitable for my business?

Please just ask! If you’d like to chat through options, I am more than happy to talk through your circumstances and answer any questions you have.

5. What can be financed?

We can provide finance for your new pods, furnishings and even cover some installation works in the agreement.

6. How do I know if I will be approved?

I can easily run through some pre-application questions with you and advise on if I think we will encounter any hurdles during approval. It is my job to paint a picture of for the underwriters and it is much more than a computer says yes, computers says no process.

7. How soon can a lease be arranged?

Very quickly! Subject to having all the information we need for underwriting; we can expect to have a decision within 48 hours. This is just a guide, and some applications do take a little longer, depending on cost and complexity, whereas some can be auto approved within minutes.


If you are considering a finance option and would like to chat through options, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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