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Self Insulated Panel buildings

What is a Self Insulated Panel building?

Discover the pinnacle of eco-efficient construction with our Self Insulated Panel buildings, boasting cutting-edge Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) technology. Meticulously crafted to redefine modern building standards, these SIPs are a testament to engineering excellence, providing unparalleled thermal insulation with their high R-value Polyurethane foam core. Embrace a sustainable future and slash your energy bills by up to 50%, thanks to this energy-efficient marvel that outperforms traditional timber framing.

Our SIPs not only champion thermal efficiency but also herald an era of eco-conscious construction. By pre-optimising and cutting panels, we minimize on-site waste, reflecting our commitment to environmental stewardship. The lightweight nature of these structural insulated panels UK-wide streamlines installation, expediting build times and significantly reducing labour costs – a testament to SIPs' cost-effectiveness.

Versatility is at the heart of our SIP offerings. Available in a spectrum of thicknesses – from a sleek 72mm to a robust 197mm – and customisable to any design intricacy, our panels are ideal for garden rooms to ambitious architectural projects. Whether you're crafting a cosy cottage or an avant-garde space, the adaptability of SIPs ensures your vision comes to life without compromise.

In the quest for sustainability, strength and serenity unite in our Self Insulated Panel Buildings. Expect superior energy efficiency, robustness, and tranquil interiors due to the impressive airtightness that curtails drafts, noise penetration, and energy wastage. This translates into lower CO2 emissions and tangible savings.

Our insulated roofing panels offer an oasis of comfort year-round. During the UK's warm summers and frosty winters, they maintain an optimal indoor climate without the need for additional insulation.

All of our kits are made from Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) which we manufacture by injecting highly insulated Polyurethane between two sheets of structural OSB3. The panels form the floor, walls and roof creating an incredibly rigid, highly insulated passive standard structure. The panels are fabricated into components that act like giant Lego blocks allowing you to assemble the core structure quickly and efficiently. Choose from our huge range of stock buildings or our bespoke building service. We also offer a panel only service.


Choose between a Bare Kit or Full Kit.


Bare Kit includes:

  • Wall & Floor SIPs Prefabricated
  • Roof SIPs Prefabricated
  • Timber/SIP Joining Splines
  • Structural Treated Timber
  • Steel RSJ (Only for Bi-fold Door option)
  • Timber Window & Door Aperture Linings
  • Angled Roof Firrings
  • Breather Membrane
  • Adhesives
  • Fixings
  • Assembly Guides



Full Kit includes:

  • Includes all items in the bare kit, including the following additional items
  • Exterior Cladding Kit: for example Thermowood Cladding
  • Optional Decking Kit: for example HD Deck Dual® plus Timbers & Fixings
  • EPDM Roofing Kit: EPDM plus Glues, Trims & Fixings
  • UPVC Windows & Doors

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We offer a selection of energy-saving SIP Home Gyms, Garden Room, Home Office, Glamping Pods or Annexe building kits.

All of our building kit structures are made from SIPs, which are created by injecting Polyurethane insulation between two sheets of OSB3.

We have a variety of pre-designed kits that can be altered for a minimal charge if needed.

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