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BBQ Huts

BBQ Huts

A BBQ hut is a charming timber structure that elevates the outdoor al-fresco cooking experience, making it a sought-after addition to your garden or enhancing the appeal of your camping and glamping site. These versatile BBQ sheds are perfect for social events, including company and family gatherings, offering the convenience of barbecuing inside, shielded from the rain and weather. Providing a haven from all types of weather, our BBQ cabins can be utilised throughout the year, ensuring that your BBQ festivities are never postponed due to inclement weather. Our selection includes Open BBQ Shelters and our signature BBQ Huts.

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  1. Finman Open BBQ Shelter

    Finman Open BBQ Shelter

    Ridge Height: 2.80 - 3.77 m
    Eaves Height: 1.20 m
    Width: 3.06 - 5.01 m
    Wall Thickness: 45mm tongue and groove
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  2. BBQ House

    Finman BBQ Hut 7m²

    Ridge Height: 2.80 m
    Eaves Height: 1.20 m
    Width: 3.06 m
    Wall Thickness: 45mm tongue and groove
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  3. BBQ Hut

    Finman BBQ HUT 9m²

    Ridge Height: 3.19 m
    Eaves Height: 1.20 m
    Depth: 3.03 m
    Width: 3.50 m
    Wall Thickness: 45mm tongue and groove
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  4. Finman BBQ Hut 11m²

    Finman BBQ Hut 11m²

    Ridge Height: 3.27 m
    Eaves Height: 1.20 m
    Depth: 3.47 m
    Width: 4.01 m
    Wall Thickness: 45mm tongue and groove
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  5. 11m² BBQ Hut with Bar Extension

    11m² BBQ Hut with Bar Extension

    Ridge Height: 3.27 m
    Eaves Height: 1.20 m
    Depth: 5.77m
    Width: 4.01 m
    Wall Thickness: 45mm tongue and groove
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  6. BBQ Hut Cheap Quality

    Finman BBQ Hut 17m²

    Ridge Height: 3.77 m
    Eaves Height: 1.20 m
    Depth: 4.33 m
    Width: 5.01 m
    Wall Thickness: 45mm tongue and groove
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  7. BBQ Huts

    Finman BBQ Hut 28m²

    Ridge Height: 4.29 m
    Eaves Height: 1.20 m
    Depth: 5.20 m
    Width: 6.01 m
    Wall Thickness: 45mm tongue and groove
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Logspan presents an array of BBQ Cabins for sale, ranging in size from 7 sqm to a spacious 28 sqm, catering to all your outdoor entertainment needs.


Why do I need A BBQ Hut?

Discover the top 10 reasons why a BBQ garden hut should be your next investment for enhancing your garden's leisure potential:

  1. Year-Round Grilling: A BBQ hut liberates you from weather constraints. Rain or sunshine, these BBQ huts allow you to savour grilling your favourite dishes any season of the year.
  2. Entertainment Value: A BBQ hut is an ideal hub for hosting guests, a central feature for get-togethers and celebrations, and a distinctive and delightful dining ambience.
  3. Cosy Ambiance: The snug and intimate atmosphere of a BBQ room within a hut offers the perfect setting for family feasts or romantic meals, enveloping your guests in warmth and comfort.
  4. Cultural Experience: Often echoing the design of traditional Scandinavian grill cabins, our Kota BBQ Houses infuse an exotic cultural flair into your outdoor space, transforming your backyard into an international culinary escape.
  5. Adds Property Value: Thanks to their popularity, integrating a well-designed BBQ hut into your property elevates its appeal and increases its market value.
  6. Versatile Cooking Options: Equipped with a versatile grill and a cosy seating area, the BBQ hut offers a culinary sanctuary where you can master a variety of cooking techniques, including grilling, smoking, and even baking, akin to the comfort found in grill cabins.
  7. Outdoor Enjoyment: It encourages more outdoor time, enjoying the fresh air and natural surroundings.
  8. Customisation: Customisable to reflect your unique taste, BBQ huts can be tailored to complement the design and ambience of your outdoor space, much like the bespoke charm of BBQ lodges.
  9. Space Efficiency: A BBQ hut is a multifunctional solution that maximises your outdoor area by smartly amalgamating a cooking and seating space into one efficient structure.
  10. Enhanced Privacy: Offering a sheltered environment, a BBQ hut provides a private haven for you and your guests, setting it apart from the typical openness of a backyard grill.


A BBQ hut is not merely a practical choice for grilling aficionados but also a picturesque addition that fuses functionality with aesthetic pleasure, akin to the allure of a traditional BBQ cabin.


The BBQ Hut, rooted in the Finnish Round House or Grillkota, is a cultural icon in Nordic countries. A visit to Finland, Sweden, or Denmark will reveal the iconic arctic cabins and the traditional Kota BBQ House in full splendour.


BBQ huts come in a diverse array of shapes and styles to cater to personal preferences, and their sizes can accommodate various guests. Whether you're considering a barbecue shed with a cosy dining tabletop or a barbecue shed designed with a bar for serving drinks, these huts can boast either an open or enclosed layout.


Our grill cabins are equipped with various barbeque essentials, such as central grills, smokestacks, and chimneys, complemented by outer rain caps and versatile benches that double as sleeping spaces. Each BBQ hut includes Bitumen Roof Shingles in its pricing. Extractor fans and electrical wiring for sockets and lights can be installed for added comfort. Explore our myriad of BBQ Hut ideas to enhance your outdoor cooking experience.


At Logspan, we specialise in providing top-tier BBQ huts and BBQ Hut accessories to our UK clientele. Whether you're initiating a glamping enterprise or a family searching for a garden BBQ hut, we're your go-to source for BBQ Huts in the UK, ensuring you're fully equipped for the ultimate BBQ Hut experience.


Can I use a BBQ Hut For other activities?

Opt for the Finman BBQ Hut without the grill, and you'll unlock a versatile space that can be repurposed for many uses, making it more than just a BBQ cabin.

  1. Home Offices: In the era of remote work, a BBQ cabin can transform into a serene home office, offering a dedicated space away from the primary residence to boost productivity and focus.
  2. Art Studios: Artists searching for a serene and inspiring workspace will find that a BBQ cabin can be beautifully transformed into art studios, bathed in abundant natural light.
  3. Workshops: For enthusiasts of woodworking, crafting, or any hobby, this BBQ cabin is ideal for creating personalised workshops, providing a perfect setting for creativity and craftsmanship.
  4. Garden Rooms: BBQ huts can serve as additional living spaces that seamlessly open into the garden, perfect for relaxation or entertaining guests, infusing a touch of cosiness to any outdoor gathering.
  5. Guest Houses: Log cabins and modular homes, often equipped as grill cabins, can provide comfortable accommodations for overnight guests, offering privacy and all the necessary amenities for a memorable stay.
  6. Yoga Studios or Gyms: A serene space away from the main home, such as a BBQ hut, can be ideal for a yoga studio or a personal gym, offering a tranquil retreat for wellness activities.
  7. Music Rooms: For musicians, these cabins, which can be customised as BBQ huts, can be soundproofed and used as rehearsal or recording spaces, creating an artistic haven for creativity.
  8. Teen Hangouts: Grill Cabins offer a calm and safe space for teenagers to gather with friends away from the main house, providing a unique spot for socialising and leisure.
  9. Educational Spaces: BBQ huts can be outfitted as classrooms or tutoring centres. They offer a quiet learning environment that encourages focus and academic growth.
  10. Retail Outlets: Small business owners can utilise these structures as pop-up shops or permanent retail spaces. BBQ huts add a charming and inviting atmosphere to their commercial ventures.
  11. Rental Accommodation: BBQ huts can be transformed into lucrative short-term or vacation rentals, offering an additional income stream for property owners.
  12. Wellness Retreats: Grill cabins can be repurposed into serene retreat spaces for wellness professionals, where clients can unwind and rejuvenate.
  13. Seasonal Event Spaces: During festive seasons or special events, BBQ huts can be adorned and utilised for immersive themed experiences.
  14. Wildlife Observation: Strategically placed in natural settings, BBQ huts can double as wildlife observation posts or tranquil birdwatching huts.
  15. Playhouses: BBQ huts can be custom-designed as elaborate playhouses for children, offering a secure and imaginative outdoor play environment.


Entice your friends with your BBQ hut garden, making them envious of your setup. Whether you opt for a modern decoration or an authentic Swedish BBQ hit, let your outdoor dining adventures begin!


To craft the ultimate outdoor cooking experience, consider adding a BBQ cabin to your garden. These sturdy timber structures shield you from the elements and have features that elevate any BBQ event. For company gatherings or family reunions, grill cabins from Logspan are the perfect enhancement for outdoor culinary escapades.


What must I consider when adding a BBQ Hut to my garden?


When contemplating the integration of BBQ cabins into your garden, it's crucial to weigh multiple factors to ensure the new addition not only fulfils your desires but also adheres to any pertinent regulations and augments your outdoor living space. Here are some essential aspects to consider:

  1. Purpose and Size: It is vital to assess the primary function of your BBQ cabin. Will it serve as a cosy family meal retreat or a hub for sizable social events? The hut's purpose will shape the dimensions and amenities you want to include.
  2. Location: It is vital to select an optimal spot for BBQ huts in your garden. It should be accessible, even terrain offering ample room for setup and enjoyment. Also, consider its ease of access from your home and its placement relative to your neighbours for privacy.
  3. Planning Permissions: You must consult with your local council to determine if your BBQ cabin requires planning permission. Factors such as the structure's scale, elevation, and positioning on your premises can influence this need.
  4. Ventilation: Ensuring proper airflow is essential in a BBQ hut to effectively manage smoke and avert carbon monoxide accumulation, making installing an extractor fan an indispensable addition.
  5. Utilities: If your vision for the BBQ cabin includes lighting, refrigeration, or other electrical gadgets, strategise on the methods to provide electricity to the structure efficiently.
  6. Budget: Establish a feasible budget that encompasses the price of the BBQ cabins, the installation process, any extra features you desire, and the costs associated with regular upkeep.
  7. Construction and Installation: When deciding on a BBQ hut, consider whether you'll opt for a DIY kit to build it yourself or have it professionally installed. This choice will significantly influence your budget and the timeline for completing your BBQ huts project.
  8. Insurance: Check if your home insurance policy needs updating to include the new structure.
  9. Accessories and Comfort: Enhancing your BBQ huts with additional features, such as decorations, can make the space more comfortable and functional for barbecuing.
  10. Maintenance: Regular maintenance is critical to keeping your BBQ huts in prime condition. This involves treating the wood, maintaining the cleanliness of the BBQ area, and ensuring the safety of any electrical fittings.


By carefully considering these factors, you can ensure that your BBQ huts will be a safe, functional, and enjoyable enhancement to your outdoor living space.


The Finman BBQ Hut and Bar

Introducing the ultimate entertainment destination—our Finman BBQ Hut and Bar. Whether you're gathering with friends to watch football, golf, or the F1 Grand Prix or simply unwinding with loved ones over G&Ts, cocktails, or mocktails, our barbecue hut is the perfect setting. As the evening unfolds, the barbeque hut becomes the heart of the party—who's up for another shrimp on the barbecue?


Why should I buy my BBQ Hut from Logspan?


Whether you want a 7m2 BBQ Hut for your garden or a gorgeous 28m2 BBQ Lodge, your BBQHut should be purchased from the correct retailer. When considering purchasing a barbecue house, here are several compelling reasons why that retailer should be Logspan:

  1. Quality of Build: We place a strong emphasis on the quality of our materials and construction. Our BBQ cabins are crafted from high-quality Scandinavian Spruce timber, ensuring durability and longevity.
  2. Customisation Options: We offer a wide range of styles to fit various branding and aesthetic preferences, allowing you to choose a BBQ hut that aligns with your specific needs or business theme.
  3. Expertise and Support: With our team of experts, we provide valuable advice and support to help you make the best decision for your needs. Our experience in the field can be a significant resource for you if you want to enhance your glamping offerings or add a unique feature to your property.
  4. Swift Assembly: Our BBQ huts are designed for quick assembly, enabling businesses to get their operations up and running without significant downtime.
  5. Versatile Use: Whether for intimate spaces or larger family units, we provide solutions for various requirements.
  6. Investment Value: A high-quality BBQ hut from Logspan can be a wise investment, adding value to your property and enhancing its appeal to potential buyers or guests.
  7. All-Weather Enjoyment: Designed to withstand diverse weather conditions, our BBQ cabins can be used year-round, making them a versatile addition to any property.
  8. Comfort and Sophistication: With the option to include luxurious features, a BBQ cabin from Logspan can elevate the overall experience by offering a sophisticated edge to outdoor hospitality.
  9. Reliable Customer Service: Logspan is committed to providing excellent customer service, from the initial inquiry to after-sales support. Our Company Values are Integrity, Service, Quality, and Teamwork!


Contact us for your barbecue party in your new Finman grill cabin start!