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Finman Open BBQ 7m² to 17m²

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Quick Specification

  • Ridge Height: 2.80 - 3.77 m
  • Eaves Height: 1.20 m
  • Length: 3.06 - 5.01 m
  • Wall Thickness: 45mm tongue and groove

Finman Open BBQ 7m² to 17m²




1. Comfortable 6-15 Seating Capacity

2. Diameter from 3m to 5m (wall to wall) so can fit into the smallest of gardens

3. Loads of cooking options with the 4 different cooking positions on the BBQ grill

4. Book your BBQ and never have to cancel again because of the weather



  • Constructed using Scandinavian Spruce
  • Bitumen Roofing Shingles - Overlapping heavy-duty felt material with an adhesive backing, that is nailed to the roof and finished with heavy-duty felt along the peak and eaves - 10-year guarantee. Available in red & black, green & black, or black.


Optional Extras:

  • Timber Base Work — A 140mm x 95mm pressure treated base frame is supplied which is supported by 100mm x 100mm recycled plastic posts spaced approximately 1m apart. At each post location holes can be dug and posts are concreted into the ground. The height of the frame is determined by the highest point of the ground. This method allows airflow under the cabin and ensures a solid, level, and stable foundation.
    A great choice for Finman BBQ Huts as it will give you the draw required to use the grill effectively. This can be used as a permanent base, but it won't have a permanent impact on the surrounding environment that a concrete base will.
  • 3 x Benches 
  • Central BBQ Grill, Smoke Stack, Chimney, outer Rain cap and 8 trays located around the grill (which can be lifted on & off)
  • Extractor Fan with Storm Guard
  • Custom Made Cushion Set with water-resistant covers
  • Larger Table
  • Central Table (sits on the BBQ when it's unlit!)
  • Covered Terrace extension
  • Bar extension with bar
  • Additional side extensions (1.6m, 2.3m and 2.8m long)
  • Large Base Frame - This is an important addition for all BBQ Huts as it will give you the ability to cut extra holes in the frame to allow air to flow underneath the grill which will promote the smoke to travel up through the chimney. This is an alternative to building pipes into your base.
  • Build Service
  • With or without Astragals/window crosses
  • Wired for lights and sockets
  • Solar Panels and batteries for off-grid solution



Finman Open BBQ Hut Range


Cabin Dimensions (m)











3 Windows:

Width - 0.90m / Height - 0.53m 











The Finman Open BBQ Hut is a stylish hexagonal grill gazebo with an entry canopy, which protects you in your garden from rain and the sun. With 30mm tanalised terrace flooring this easily kept barbeque pavilion comes with pressure treated floor frame and floor joists. The BBQ house can come with a metal grill (a grill with shelves, cooking equipment and a chimney) and 3 wooden benches. There are 3 different sizes of barbecue hut.


The Finman BBQ Hut has the same build quality as our log cabins and comes with a high-quality barbecue grill along with the required cooking accessories. Also included in the package is the moveable bench seating, which can be taken outside so you can eat in the summer sun, if we get any!


Now you can choose to buy a Logspan Extractor Fan, control your BBQ like never before. Cook using wood or other smokey products, as well as light the Barbeque and cook on it in record time.


All BBQ Huts come with a treated base frame so this protects the bottom of the BBQ Hut but the rest of the timber MUST be treated as soon as possible. As wood is natural material; it expands, moves and contracts all the time so it is important that the timber is treated properly as soon as possible. It is worth treating inside cabins as well before you fit it out.


Whats stopping you now, come and see our show site selection. We stock BBQ Huts direct from manufacturer. 


Multi Sided
Roof Style
Multi Slope
Slow grown Scandinavian spruce
Base construction
Tanalised floor bearers & base frame
3.06 - 5.01 m
Ridge Height
2.80 - 3.77 m
Eaves Height
1.20 m
Roof overhang (Front & Side/Back)
0.30 m & 0.20 m
Timber Thickness
Wall Thickness
45mm tongue and groove
30 mm terrace boards
20 mm tongue and groove boards
Windows & Doors
Double glazed 16mm glass
Opening Windows
3 windows
Window Sizes
0.90m x 0.53m
What's in the kit
What's in the box

What's included in the package is everything you need to get going:

- A treated base frame on which the whole cabin is built 
- All components of the cabin cut to size and ready for install 
- Detailed instructions 
- Screws of all lengths and sizes for each section of the job 
- Nails for putting down floor - (some like to use a brad gun instead of our nails to make 'secret nailing' in the tongue & groove boards easier) 
- Roof covering - Roofing Shingles Included - Choice of red, green or black 
- If you have any trouble, we are available on the end of the phone to help out with build or with any queries.

The only thing you will need is your own tools and a flat, stable, level base. Information and advice on base work can be found here. It is also advisable to have at least 2 able bodies to build the cabin.


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