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Roofing Options

Bitumen Roofing Shingles

See how easy they are to fit. Our shingles are guaranteed 10 years!

Our bitumen shingles are available in three colours - Forest Green / Coal Black / Tile Red

Each standard pack covers 3m2 if applied correctly, the dimensions of each shingle is 1000mm x 330mm and each pack contains 21 pieces

Ridge tile packs cover 5m2, ridge tiles are 1000mm x 250mm and each pack contains 20 pieces covering up to 20 linear metres to line the roof edge or 12 linear metres of ridge

Bitumen shingles require a minimum 13 degree roof pitch

Approx weight of each pack - 35kg


Tile Profile Roofing

Our Metal Profile Roofing fits stylishly into both the natural landscape and the architecture of a log cabin

The Polyester matt coating has good weather and corrosion resistance. A matt surface is characteristic of this coating. The matt surface is ideal for log cabin holiday homes and other buildings where roof insulation is going to be used. Products made of Polyester matt coated steel comes with a 10-year warranty

At the moment we are only able to stock the Red shade of this roofing. We have included an image of what this colour of roof looks like below, though this should only be used as a indication and not an exact match


Heavey Duty Felt Roofing

Our heavey duty felt is guaranteed 5 years!

Our heavey duty felt is available in three colours - Forest Green / Coal Black / Tile Red


Rubber Roofing

This is fitted to buildings with a roof pitch of less than 5 degrees, and generally only fitted to pent roofs

Our rubber roofing is guaranteed 15 years!

Only available in Coal Black