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Building a Green Log Cabin

Green building is one of the many appealing qualities of a log home. The solid permanence of a log structure also conserves energy and protects the environment. The tactile appeal of the natural wood is a side benefit of knowing that the thermal mass of your logs makes them energy efficient.


Some ideas for building green that are easy to assimilate into your build:

  • Site your house properly to maximize passive heat gain from the sun. Face the long side east/west and increase window area to maximise heat gain.
  • Build with logs - a naturally renewable resource.
  • Choose paints and stains and glues with low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) so that you don't pollute the indoor air quality of your cabin.
  • Install dual-flush toilets that use less water for flushing.
  • If building your own log cabin, order logs and lumber carefully and save all the scraps that could possibly be used during later phases.
  • Use high quality double glazed windows and doors.
  • Utilize energy-efficient lighting. One of the easiest ways to live green is by using low-watt fluorescent lighting throughout your log home.
  • Choose your water heater with care. Water heaters can account for as much as 25% of your cabins energy use. Installing a high-efficiency water heater will save you money for years.
  • Employ eco-friendly log home landscaping techniques by collecting rainwater to watering the garden.