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Wooden windows not only bring a certain cosiness, they are also known for their good insulation. We sell wooden windows of many different shapes and sizes out of glued-laminated wood - a tough material that resists deformation. We offer two classes of windows: "Double Glazed" and "Single Glazed".

"Double Glazed" - with insulated glass units. Made from triple-layered glued-laminated timber. Windows come with an aluminium sill, to protect the frame from moisture. Equipped with high-quality "Roto" hinges. Silicon-rubber insulation is applied to protect against water leakage. The window trims can be either modern or feature decorative millwork (at the customer's request).

Double Glazed Double Glazed Double Glazed

"Double Glazed" windows with insulated glass units, aluminium sills and high-quality "Roto" hinges.

"Single Glazed" - with regular 4mm thick glass (without insulated glass units). Produced with double-layered laminated wood. Window trims are modern. Equipped with high-quality "Roto" hinges.

Single Glazed Single Glazed Single Glazed

"Single Glazed" windows

Windows can feature astragals if the customer wishes, or you can have your windows without astragals to give your log cabin a modern feel. They are affixed with a screw or plastic locks for easy removal (for example, in case of cleaning).

Astragal window
Window Astragal