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Helpful Hints for Grilling & Barbecuing Seafood


Fish cook rapidly on the grill, so don't wander far from your catch! Unless you are grilling very delicate, thin fillets such as sole or flounder, you can skip the aluminium foil. Instead of sealing fillets in a foil packet where they won't benefit from the direct contact with the fire, lightly brush or spray them with oil to keep them from sticking to the cooking grate.

Fish is cooked to perfection when it is slightly opaque throughout. Insert a sharp paring knife between the layers of the fish meat and turn it slightly to get a good look inside. If the fish still looks translucent in the centre, give it a minute or two more. Turn fish only once. Flipping fish back and forth can cause them to break up.

Firm fish such as tuna or salmon can be cooked directly on the grill if handled carefully. A hinged wire basket can be very useful when cooking more delicate fish such as perch, snapper or catfish, or for cooking shellfish.

When cooking fish in a fireplace or oven, do not forget that some oily juice will trickle from the fish. Cook the fish slowly in order to achieve the best results. In windy weather, place the broiling board so that the board is on the windward side of the fire.

While broiling in winter, the boards should first be warmed up with hot water and the fish should be placed on the boards when the fire is burning with sufficient heat.

You can highlight the deliciousness of the fish by adding some butter to the fish. To experience new flavours use, for example, dill, onion, lemon, and lemon pepper, cognac or other spices according to personal taste and imagination.

For serving, you can cover the board with aluminium foil and the fish may be garnished with some salad and rice. Meat can also be successfully cooked in a similar manner.