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Extractor Fan


Barbecues in the Summer are great, even better is BBQ’s in the winter. We here at Logspan believe that the session should not dictate the timing of your barbecue. Everyday can be barbecue day with a Finman BBQ Hut. Christmas dinner, New Year Eve, Parties and many more occasions can be enjoyed within the interiors of your “Grillikota”.

SmokeThe aroma curling up from the grill will make you practically tipsy. What you don’t want is the smoke to go with the barbeque! Streaming eyes, foggy vision and the need to crawl out of the BBQ hut is the last thing you want on a wet winters evening.


No distracting

The smoke should go up the chimney, well, with a Logspan BBQ Hut Extractor Fan it will. It won’t detract from the exterior or interior.



It runs off mains electricity with a maximum Power requirement of 170W at the highest setting.


Start cooking on coals after only 15 minutes of lighting your BBQ.



WineNo need of a carbon monoxide monitor, everything gets pulled up and out. Now you can sit back and enjoy your barbeque from start to finish!


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