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Cleaning and maintenance of your BBQ Grill

Remove coals and ashes from the fireplace after they have cooled down.

After cleaning treat the surfaces of your BBQ Grill fireplace with cooking oil.

For users of the Taiga BBQ Grill lower the smoke hood over the fireplace for winter-periods after having removed the verticalsupport bars and skillets. Store the parts inside the fireplace. Store your Taiga BBQ Grill in a dry place.


Before using your Cast Iron Cooking Pan

  • The pan must first be heated
  • Remove the pan from the heat and cover with oil or grease
  • Reheat the greased pan
  • Wipe off the excessive grease with a paper towel or cloth
  • Your pan is now ready for use


Maintenance of a Cast Iron Cooking Pan

  • The pan must be cleaned right after being used
  • Remove all food from the pan using a steel scraper
  • If necessary, wash the pan with hot water
  • After washing the pan must be heated and greased again to protect it from rust