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Best log cabin treatment

External wood treatments

Treating your summerhouse or BBQ hut with the right product will protect it against deterioration so it will last longer. We recommend a high quality preservative, one that will last a number of years, thus limiting maintenance required.  You should coat all the external wood on you log cabin, including the bits you can't see easily. For example remove the doors and apply presevative to the bottom of the door, this will get wet and could mean that the door splits in years to come.

We would recommend the following for you garden builing:

Applying your preservative as the manufacturer directs will keep your cabin looking good for many years to come. If you have any queries please contact our customer care team using the Contact Us form.

Fire retardant treatment for wood

For log cabins that require Euro class B Spread of Flame we would recommend HR-Prof.

HR-Prof is simple to use and safe to apply, it quickly penetrates the structure of the wood and can be over-coated with wood stains and varnishes. HR-Prof has non-flammable properties, which become part of the log cabin, restricting ignition and the spread of flame. It is not harmful to the environment.

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