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Foundation Planning

It is VERY important the base is firm and level. Although the base may appear level, it is vital that attention is taken to ensure that the base is level. If it is not, problems WILL occur. The walls may come together okay but the roof will not line up and it will cause big problems. Most problems can be avoided by checking and rechecking that the base is level.  We recommend the cabin be built on a solid concrete base but other forms of bases such as wooden decking, or concrete slabs can also be used. 


There are a number of options of bases for putting your building on. When building a base for a BBQ Hut is best that the base be the exact side of the base frame of the BBQ HUT. This allows water to run off the roof and drain away rather than water sitting against the base frame or bouncing up against the walls of the cabin. However this is not essential as long as there is good drainage.  Below are a number of guides for different types of bases. These graphics are square but when building for a BBQ Hut is best to create the base the same shape as the base frame. Again, advisable but not essential. 

 Timber Base

Slab base

Concrete base