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Floorboards are 20 or 30 mm thick.

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A wooden floorboards makes the home or log cabin cosier. All our log cabins and BBQ Huts come with timber tongue and groove flooring as standard, these have been planed to a smooth finish.

We use northern spruce or larch timber for the frame and the floor joists. The latter boasts greater resistance to environmental effects. As time passes, larch timber becomes even denser - and stronger.

Floorboards are made from tough northern spruce wood. They can be either 20 mm or 30 mm thick, according to the customer's specifications. The log cabin construction also includes floor skirting boards. Wooden floors can be insulated.

Ordinarily, the ground floor includes floorboards with skirting boards, resting on pressure treated floor frame and floor joists. The second floor has floorboards with skirting boards on joists.

floor floor2