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Finman BBQ Hut

Barbecue Anytime, Guaranteed

On average it rains every 3.5 days in the UK (approximately); that’s just under a third of the year. Not ideal barbeque weather. A Finman BBQ Hut assures you that the party will go on, regardless of hail, rain or thunder! Now you can plan a barbecue months in advance and celebrate Christmas or a birthday party in style.

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Practical. Safe. Clean!

Introducing our exclusive Finman Extractor Fan, resulting in the cleanest, safest, most practical BBQ Hut available. Control your BBQ like never before, cook using wood or other smokey products, and light the Barbeque and cook on it in record time.

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Extra Accommodation

People staying for the weekend? Not enough space? The Finman range can add up to 10 extra sleeping spaces or 2 double beds!

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Each product in the Finman range can be extended to give additional space via another separate room. If you planning on sleeping in your Finman, these are a worthwhile addition! Fit the extensions out as a sauna, entrance porch or toilet.

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Business Opportunity

Many of our customers cover the cost of the Finman by renting these huts out and from their feedback, it doesn’t take long to pay back! Other avenues are cookery demonstrations, Airbnb properties, team building events; you name it, the Finman can be the perfect venue.

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