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Build Questions


Q. Is everything supplied to construct the building i.e. screws, nails etc?

A. Yes all parts are included as are instructions. Tools are not.


Q. What tools do I need for constructing a building?

A. All buildings differ, but in general we recommend you obtain a hammer, screwdrivers both a flat head and Philips, a drill with 4mm and 8mm bits, Tape measure, spirit level, step ladder, Stanley knife and wood saw.


Q. How are the buildings constructed?

A. Follow the instructions provided in your buyers guide and the plan for the building of your choice. Additional instructions can be downloaded from this website or can be sent to you by contacting our customer care team on 01389 734572.


Q. How many people does it take to erect a building?

A. We recommend at least 2 people.


Q. How long will it take to erect a building?

A. This depends on the size of the building the amount of people helping and the level of expertise. In general the smallest and simplest will take two people around a day where as the larger more complicated models could take longer.


Q. Is there a helpline if I get stuck with the build?

A. Yes, our support team can be contacted during office hours; simply phone 01389 734572.


Q. Should I insulate my cabin?

A. We recommend the floor and roof should be insulated to make the cabin more efficient to heat. Instructions on how to insulate your cabin can be found Here.


Q. Can you arrange to get my cabin built?

A. We have a team of recommended contractors who are available to build up your cabin. Please call our customer care team for further details.