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Garden Offices
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Working from home, for some people at least, is the perfect way of life. Out of bed, onto the computer, start work. For some though, separating work and personal life is difficult in this situation and they need their own space, separate to where they live; a home office. Log cabins and garden office pods fit perfectly. A low-cost solution for a quality home workspace. Here’s another thing – the monthly rent isn't too bad; in fact it's free! Logspan can create any style, fully insulated, interlocking, panel house, whatever best suits your working scenario. High quality, low cost, sustainable working environment at home away from home.

If you're looking to get a little closer to nature while you work, we can construct a garden office or garden workroom for you at a competitive price.

The choice is up to you!

Our Garden workrooms and Home offices all come with the high quality you would expect from any Logspan product. The standard features are as follows:

  1. Double glazed tilt n' turn windows and double glazed doors
  2. 45mm or 60mm double tongue and groove thick interlocking wall logs for better natural insulation with "Wind-block" joints
  3. Double action euro-cylinder door locks for security
  4. Draft-proof sealing on windows and doors
  5. 20mm thick tongue and groove floor and roof boards

So summer or winter you can forget the commute to work and relax and work from your own garden in a Logspan Garden workroom or Home office. Saving the planet and saving your own previous time stuck in a traffic jam!

We can also custom built to your dimensions, please email us.