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The prospect of building or replacing the garage can often be a daunting prospect. What with the building regulations, time frame and most of all cost, there are so many elements that come together that could make you feel like it’s not worth it. Think for a minute though if you could have whatever size garage you like, most likely built within a day or two at most and at a fraction of the cost of a block building. All of a sudden the whole scenario seems very achievable. Now, having set the scene in what seems like a very simple and achievable manner, is it really as simple as all that. Well, if you’re looking to build an attractive garage building for £1000, the answer is no! It may all sound too good to be true and for some we may not be suitable. But we try our best to provide a good service and build garage buildings that will stand the test of time but not make huge inroads into your hard earned cash!

Carports suit perfectly the timber construction. Building from timber keeps the cost of the structure down but also gives the ideal look when storing an old Land Rover or maybe a boat. Whatever you use it for, timber-framed carports look the part while still keeping the durability and strength required for a freestanding building.