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March 2009

Introducing our new Horse Stables & Field Shelters Range

Our new range of Equestrian Buildings is constructed using 3" x 2" framing and 16mm shiplap timber. This range includes Stables, Tack Rooms, Hay Barns as well as Mobile Field Shelters and Mobile Stables. These are sprayed with an animal friendly preservative in a choice of two colours. We can also work with other product specifications, other than the listed standard materials.

Any combinations of stabling, sheltering, tack rooms and barns are welcome. Stable sizes start from 10' x 10' for a pony, and upwards depending on the size of the horse. Non-glass windows can be added to the front or rear and can be opening or static, with or without safety grills. The roofing is finished with Black Onduline Corrugated sheets as standard, but rolled felt, felt tiles or coloured Onduline are all available.

Our mobile timber structures are made to the same specifications as our static timber horse stable and shelter buildings but with the addition of strong metal skids, that include anchor points for towing around facilitate easy moving from one area to another. Metal skids are much more durable than the wooden equivalents, so your equestrian purchase will last longer and keep you and your horse happier for longer!

Our Spring Discount of 20% off Standard Cabins & 10% off Finnish BBQ Huts is still continuing