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August 2008

Ask The Experts

At LOGSPAN.COM we have a vast amount of information related to our timber buildings from Build Instructions to Recipes for your BBQ Hut. We are continually adding to this so you can get the best from your Logspan experience. So from choosing the best product, building and preserving it to using it, we can help you every step of the way. To give you a flavour of the type of information available I have included an extract in today's News Letter from our Log Cabin Build Instructions.

Log Cabin Build Instructions



If you are unable to start build immediately after delivery it is important to stack the material horizontally and cover it to protect it from the weather.


Wood is a natural product and it will vary with climate changes. However, with proper care will be able to enjoy your log cabin for many years. During very hot dry weather small cracks may appear in the wood. These will disappear when the weather changes. Small cracks in no way effect the integrity of the cabin!



It is very important the base is firm and level. We recommend the cabin be built on a solid concrete base. The width of the base should be the same as the width of the cabin, this allows rain water from the cabin roof to fall on the ground and not the cabin base.


To save a lot of time later we suggest you take a little time now to lay out the wood in groups according to size. If you do this it is an easy matter to find the right pieces. Please note: some groups may differ in size by as little as 10mm.

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