Log Cabins & Garden Rooms

Log Cabins & Garden Rooms
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Quality log cabins for sale constructed from Scandinavian Spruce. Buy your garden log cabin with confidence direct from Logspan. Buy a standard log cabin or custom build your perfect garden room. Free UK mainland delivery.

The term "log cabin" is now seen as a fairly generic term for any outdoor timber building. But this doesn’t really do them justice, especially Logspan cabins (our opinion may be slightly biased on this point!). Typically the construction is interlocking logs that require no fixings and simply push tightly together. This gives the building strength and not only that, the thickness of the log determines the thickness of the wall. The interlocking log system is over against a shed like construction where framing is normally covered by a thin cladding. The main draw with log cabins is that they are substantial buildings, easily customisable and all at a much lower price than a standard block building.

A concern about wooden buildings is always, how long will they last? Will they not rot? In short, the buildings will rot over time if you don’t look after them. But with a bit of care, painted every couple of years, these buildings will last for many years. Also, Logspan offers a five-year guarantee subject to a proper maintenance plan so we have you covered too.

Why buy from Logspan though? Glad you asked! When we teamed up with TYLA (our factory) in 2002, we knew we’d made the right choice. Each cabin they produce is set on as a new project which means you get a really high-quality building every single time. It might look similar to cheaper ones that can be found elsewhere but attention to detail and overall build quality is the cornerstone of TYLA’s manufacturing ethos.