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Home Office

Natural home office

Wanting to get closer to nature while you work? There are easy ways and hard ways. The easy way it to get Logspan to construct a Garden Office or Garden Workroom for you. The hard way is a little more painful!

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Personal, unique

You have the perfect idea of what your work space should be like, ,make that a reality with a timber building designed to your needs. The construction could be any style, fully insulated, interlocking, panel house, whatever best suits your working scenario.

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Affordable, no planning permission

Cheaper than an extension and there may not be any need for planning permission. Here’s another thing – the monthly rent isn’t too bad; in fact it’s free!

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Stress reliever, time saver

Isn't it time to get your own personal space to work?

No need to travel to work, just walk out the door and into your garden office. Think of the time and money saved by not having the morning and evening commute.

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