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Copper Bi Plane
Copper Bi Plane

Copper Bi Plane

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Imagine the unique sound of a cyclone engine clattering over the roof tops evoking memories of a simpler time - what better way to enjoy the peace of your garden.


Small Copper Weathervanes

A range of medium sized 3D themed copper and brass weathervanes suitable for small homes, outbuildings, log cabins, BBQ Huts, gazebos, garages, sheds and fence posts - offering functionality and a statement of style and pride for your property.

Bright copper will tarnish and over a period of time – local air quality will determine the speed at which this happens. The use of a clear lacquer or application of coats of quality clear yacht varnish can help to retain the original colour but this has to be maintained.

Working at height should be carried out by competent persons with the use of suitable platform equipment.

All dimensions given are approximate


Height: 780mm

Width:  560mm

Weight: 3kg

Biplane Dimensions;

Height: 230mm (9 inches)

Width:Wing tip to wing tip 560mm (22 inches)

Length - Propeller to tail plane 584mm (23 inches)


Copper Bi Plane


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