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Base Questions


Q. Do I have to do any preparation before commencing assembly?

A. It is essential that the building is built on a firm base.


Q. What should I use as a firm base?

A. Paving slabs or a concrete base are ideal.


Q. I am struggling to build a correct base - can you help.

A. Yes, please refer to How "Base Construction" on this website which gives guidance on building a suitable base.


Q. What base will I need to support my cabin?

A. For garden cabins the best option is a level concrete base, however you can put it on decking or patio slabs or use concrete blocks (especially when the ground is sloping). For log houses any traditional type of foundations can be used as would be used for any other type house i.e. strip foundations, pile foundations or slab foundations. If the ground is sloping, the best type is a pile foundation where concrete blocks are laid into pillars in right places to take the cabin base frame. Pile foundations are most commonly used for lighter cabins such as mobile homes.